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Tips for Running a Business while Raising a Family

I have this phrase that I’ve been using a lot lately… I call it ‘Juggling the Motherload’ which to me is the on-going challenge of juggling motherhood with paid work.  Trying to look after everyone and everything without losing ourselves in the process… Yep, it’s tricky!

In fact, Jacqui and I spoke on the topic of ‘Juggling Paid work and kids’ at a recent Toddler Talk event in Auckland.  It was a HOT TOPIC and we had a room full of enthusiastic mothers wanting to learn from the good (and not so good) decisions that Jacqui and I have made for our families and ourselves over the past 9 years as mothers.

And I recently carried on this conversation with some of my fellow ‘women in business’ who gave great tips in a live ‘blab’ (live-stream video) on ‘tips for running a business while raising a family’.  To watch the 45 minute conversation and ‘panel style’ interview, click the video below.  I’m facilitating this discussion and getting golden tips from:

Philippa Manage from Liked Media

Claire Deeks from Paleo blog Dom’s Kitchen

Alison King a running & marathon coach from Run for Your Life









We each have our own story around why we decided to become a ‘Mumpreneur’ (rather than getting a 9 to 5 or staying as an ‘at home mum’).  One of the hardest things about motherhood in general is the ‘work & childcare conundrum’.  Have a look at the blog I wrote all about it on my Go to Girl Social Media & Networking Website: The Biggest CoMUMdrum. 


Some of the tips shared in this blab interview include:

  • Have clear BOUNDARIES around when & where you ‘work’ so that you’re not tempted to sneak work in and the kids don’t get confused.
  • Buffer:  Block out time in your calendar for things like breaks and lunch between tasks or appointments.
  • Batching: If you’ve got a blog to write or some images to create, do then all at the same time rather than swapping from task to task.
  • Quality time with the kids:  With the never-ending to-do list, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of one of the main reasons that we went into business in the first place… Often this is ‘freedom and flexibility’.  Day dates or ‘one-on-one day Sunday’

QUESTIOnatfam-200x300N:  What are your tips for Juggling the Motherload?


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Raised in Toronto Canada, Nat received the 'enthusiasm award' in Grade 7 and not much has changed. She has always loved bringing people together and challenging them to be more than they thought possible. Her background includes Personal Development, Corporate Team Building and Environmental Education. She now lives in Auckland New Zealand with her husband Matt (Nat & Matt) and their 3 children Ruby, Jonah and Xavier. Nat's excited to be blogging again (previously blogged for 'Eco Centric') and sharing parenting and relationship stories with others around the world.