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The Super Power Baby Project

You know I’m a massive fan of facebook right? Well I was scrolling through the newsfeed recently when I came across a post about the Super Power Baby Project. I paused, I read and I decided to pledge (I donate money from my biz Go to Girl Social Media and Networking to a different cause each month). Then I sent a private message and before you knew it I had set up an interview with the wonderful parents behind the project, Rachel and Sam Callander. Click the player to listen to my 25 min chat with Rachel.

Evie Amore

Evie Amore

I skype called Rachel who lives in Timaru, NZ with her husband Sam.  Off-air, before we started recording I asked about their daughter. She quickly rushed off and brought a silver framed photo of Evie to show me. “She died almost three years ago” she told me… This mother is amazing!  She speaks with such love about the 2.5 years that they had with Evie and with great excitement about their recent initiative: The Super Power Baby Project aims to help us to celebrate children with genetic and chromosome conditions and to appreciate them for the wonderful things they can do.

As I write this, they have raised $40K of their $70K goal using kiwi crowd-funding website  Their deadline to raise the money is Oct 11th so please click through and pledge what you can. Also please ‘share’ this blog to help spread the word about the project ASAP.

Rachel has her own business Callander Girl Photography so she is combining her skills with her passion and experience for a wonderful cause. The result will be 1000+ beautiful photo books featuring children across New Zealand who have unique conditions and celebrating their ‘super powers’.  And in addition a shift in mindset for parents with super power babies and for the rest of us. The one’s who often look then look-away or don’t know what to say.  She wants to help bridge that gap and help these families to feel more accepted and appreciated.  Rachel and Sam will be travelling across NZ to meet and photograph these amazing children.

Rachel and Sam with Evie

Rachel and Sam with Evie

When I asked Rachel what her ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ thing was. After much consideration she said : “I feel like our journey was pretty amazing and we learned all the things we needed to as a family. I think if they had said, ( and this is something we hope the book will do too) “your journey will be really hard, but really amazing. You will learn things you could never have learned if you were not on this path. You are going to be ok”.

“The book will create and communicate a language for New Zealanders to talk about these children without negative connotations. It is uplifting, positive and brings people together encouraging and celebrating diversity in their own communities and families”.

For those with ‘Super Power’ children, how has it been for you?

To find out more or pledge please click here.

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