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Nat and Jacqui have recorded over 100 podcasts (audio) to give you the ‘real deal’ on all the things you wish you’d been told!

The ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ parenting and relationship podcast is on the iTunes ‘what’s hot’ list!

CLICK HERE to go through to iTunes for the full list.  It’s FREE!  With Nat and Jacqui, no topic is untouched. They speak from experience as well as do interviews with experts and every-day parents around the world.

Click in the viewer below to listen to our latest cast. The whole series is available for free in iTunes or Stitcher Radio.

Do You Enjoy to the Podcast?

We’d love to get your comments and feedback about the show. This will help more people find the podcast and increase our community.

To do this, use the link above to find us, or:
  1. Go to iTunes and click into the iTunes Store over on the left hand side
  2. Select ‘Podcasts’ from the black menu at the top
  3. Search for ‘If Only They’d Told Me’
Once you’ve found us, we’d love for you to:
  1. Subscribe – IT’S FREE! And it means you’ll always have the latest episode downloaded automatically to your computer, iPod, iPhone..

    If Only They’d Told Me Podcast in iTunes

  2. Leave a comment and rating – This helps us to help you by letting others know about the show and also giving us some direction about what you’d like from the podcast.