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Parenting Advice from Dads

What is parenting like for you Dads? And what advice or tips would you give to new dads?

Is it what you expected or completely different?  What do you love about it and what do you find most challenging?

We would love to hear some parenting advice from dads: Thoughts and stories about things you wish you’d been told about becoming a dad.  Everything from ‘trying for a baby’, pregnancy, the birth, the baby stage, the toddler years, starting school…changes in your relationship, personal fitness, sense of self, work-life balance, sex…

Dad IOTTMSome dads we’ve interviewed while researching for our book and blog talked about how surprised they were by the shift in their relationship. Others talked about it putting things into perspective for them.  And some got frustrated by their wife always folding laundry and never looking them in the eye.  My husband often talks about feeling torn. He is at work at 5pm knowing I’m going crazy in the kitchen but feeling like he’s letting work down if he leaves early.

What is your experience?

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Raised in Toronto Canada, Nat received the 'enthusiasm award' in Grade 7 and not much has changed. She has always loved bringing people together and challenging them to be more than they thought possible. Her background includes Personal Development, Corporate Team Building and Environmental Education. She now lives in Auckland New Zealand with her husband Matt (Nat & Matt) and their 3 children Ruby, Jonah and Xavier. Nat's excited to be blogging again (previously blogged for 'Eco Centric') and sharing parenting and relationship stories with others around the world.
  • Ben

    The thing I wish some one had told me is how indifferent to yourself you become. Of course you still what to relax and have fun. but really I’m surprised at how often I just forget about myself and focus my life around a little. I always heard it would be a struggle to have to always put the child first but now it is like an instinct, just do it. I have to remind myself to think of my needs from time to time. and never remind myself to think of hers. I’m an author of the children’s book series The Adventures of Kid Humpty Dumpty (available on amazon and for kindle) so Maybe it’s just me but That was the thing that surprised me. p.s. The book is pretty good too