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My Food Bag -Product Review

Yum Yum!  I love dinner or ‘tea’. I just don’t love deciding what to have and shopping for it!  That’s why I was more than excited to do a product review for new business My Food Bag.  Click the video player to watch my video review.  Here’s the concept:  “Fresh ingredients and delicious recipes delivered to your door”.

“My Food Bag was born out of the idea that healthy and delicious food can also be convenient and exciting. Our goal is to bring inspiring, nutritionally-balanced tasty recipes and the best of New Zealand seasonal produce together and deliver it to your door”.


I would say the quantities are spot on. We got the ‘My Classic Food Bag’ ($179 per week) which is designed to be 5 meals for 4-5 people.  We are a family of 5 but the kids are quite young (2,4,6) so we always had left-overs *which was quite handy for lunch the next day! My neighbour gets My Food Bag and they’ve got three kids (ages 4,7,9) plus an au pair so I think they added a bit of bulk to their meals to up the quantity (for example extra chicken to the Apricot Chicken recipe).  The other option ‘My Gourmet Food Bag’ ($139 per week) is designed to be 4 meals for 2 people.


I like their farm to table philosophy and their ‘sustainable promise’:  “All our meat is free-range. Our fresh ingredients are also New Zealand farmed and grown wherever possible”. Fresh, local and lovely. What more can I say?  Definitely a bit more ‘high-end’ and gourmet than my usual meals but you can tone this down for the kids if need be.

Kids loved it!

Kids loved it!


OK, I am generally not a recipe/instructions type of person. I love to get ‘ideas’ and inspiration from recipes but I generally don’t measure.  But I changed my ways and embraced the recipe-reading.  The little folder that you slot your weekly recipes into is great. Small enough to not be in the way but big enough to read -and it stands up on its own!

The recipes themselves are interesting without being too fancy or complex. They are gourmet but in a simple-cooking kind of way. I liked the little touches that made a big difference like adding fresh thyme to oven roasted potatoes or mango to a salad just makes things that much more flavourful and exciting.

My hubby was well-impressed with the meals but also with the recipes and the fact that they are all available in the My Fitness Pal database. He is very health-conscious and likes to know the calorie count!


While some people may cling to having ‘control’ over their weekly menu, I relish outsourcing the stress or decision-making and the hassle of shopping for it. Having an impressive response to the dreaded ‘Whaaat’s for dinner?’ question from the kids felt really good too. In fact, grocery shopping during the week of My Food Bag was so much easier because I didn’t need to think about dinner!

This leads nicely into the consideration of ‘cost’.


It’s tricky to figure out how much you normally spend on 5 dinners.  

How much do you spend per person per dinner?

My Food Bag is definitely more expensive than my usual spend per meal but I suppose you need to offset this with the ease, excitement and inspiration of getting it delivered to your door with all the deciding done for you!  Also my supermarket shop is quicker when I don’t need to consider dinner for those 5 weekdays. Check out our blog on Supermarket dramas and you’ll catch my drift!

MFB Lamb Pide

In Conclusion…

I give My Food Bag a 4.5 stars out of 5.

There’s no doubt that it’s a great idea and by the response that they’ve had, there is clearly demand for it. Big ups to mother and business woman Cecilia Robinson who seems to have a knack for finding a niche, teaming up with the right people and doing an exceptional job!  So that leaves me with one question…Do they do dessert?

What do you think of the My Food Bag concept?  

To find out more check out the My Food Bag website or follow them on Facebook.

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