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How Reiki can help you to be a happy healthy mum

I’ve always been the ‘green sheep’ in my family.  The one more open to natural remedies and approaches to medical and emotional stress.  So, when my boy lost all of his hair (alopacia) it had a big effect on him as well as me… As mother’s we want to protect our little ones and it definitely brought out the ‘mama lion’ in me.  So I decided to get in touch with Natali Brown and see how reiki could help my boy as well as me.

Have a watch of this 15 min video where Natali and I share some tips about being a happy healthy mum and she explains the what, why and how of Reiki.

Guest Blog by Natali Brown
Reiki Practitioner, Transformation Coach and Mentor
Uplifting, transforming and revealing the real you. Healing and inspiring you to be the best version of yourself.

If you want to book a reiki session on Skype or in-person (Auckland) or you just want to chat to Natali to see how she can help.  Mention ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ or ‘Go to Girl’ when you contact her here.

Parent Case study:

“My son had really bad night terrors which meant that nights with broken sleep for the household was always on the cards. Natali helped us get our lives back. Her friendly but gentle approach with our son was totally amazing and the miracles which came from working with Natali was beyond what we ever expected”

For around two years this family had almost no sleep as their son woke throughout the night with night terrors and anxiety. Because of the lack of sleep they couldn’t function anymore or perform usual tasks with ease and it affected the parents’ relationship.

The night terrors became so severe that it also lead to bed wetting which caused the boy plenty of anguish.

During the first session I picked up that the boy had separation anxiety and his night terrors would involve him waking up feeling that he was abandoned by his parents and alone.

His parents travelled a lot for work which meant when he was younger he was left with family members during that time. With Reiki we healed all past anxiety, wrapped him in love again and fixed the bond between parents and child.

Reiki managed to heal the boy’s anxiety and within two nights he was sleeping through the night and the bed wetting sorted itself out pretty quickly too

My journey with healing

I was born and raised in South Africa and remember being a very happy child spending my time climbing trees on my grandparents’ farm and making up my own adventures.

My journey with healing started from a young age and my Grandma was the first spark to igniting my healing potential.

Back then I was too young to really understand what it all meant. As a wise soul and a dreamer I always had an innate and strong sense of purpose, being truly passionate about life, nature and having a desire to help people feel better and happier about who they are.

I’m a mother of two gorgeous boys who challenge me and teach me – believe me, life is never boring in our house! And I have a wonderful loving and supportive husband who puts up with my passion for life. I’m an entrepreneur, intuitive healer and full blown creative at heart who also enjoys painting, writing and one of my big loves is photography as it brings me closer to the many faces of nature.

When I was 19, after a routine gynae check-up at my GP, they found cancerous cells in my cervix. I was young and thought, heck no! I will not let this take over my life and each night I put my hands on my stomach and asked for healing. After 3 weeks I went back to my GP for a check-up and after testing me again, there was no sign of the cancerous cells. I healed my body with the right mindset and a lot of help from my Angels.

After being in a destructive and abusive relationship at the age of 20, I was very happy to leave South Africa and headed to London to pursue one of my dreams which was travelling.

Armed with a CV under my arm and a list of references I was determined to find a job quickly and I didn’t have to wait long. I started working as a temp for an investment bank and so my journey working in the corporate world started.

Within a month of being in the UK I met the love of my life. He was a fellow South African, from Durban, Natal who had been in the UK for just over a year and I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better man in my life. He is my soul-mate. We got married in South Africa in December 2000 at a beautiful little church in Pretoria. We both lived and worked in the UK so headed back to continue our lives after we got married.

I continued working for major investment banks in the UK and worked my way up the corporate ladder however always felt that there was something more to life.

I fell pregnant with my first son working for a major investment bank and shortly after was made redundant. I didn’t tell my work about the pregnancy as I was only about 3 weeks pregnant when I was made redundant. It was amazing to find out I was pregnant after trying for over a year and eventually falling pregnant on fertility drugs but also at the same time it was so difficult to lose my job, losing that financial security. As an independent woman it was so hard to ask my husband for money.

I really wanted to be there for my child and thankfully my husband had a good job which allowed me to stay at home and look after our son.

I loved being a Mom but wanted to do something part time so started my own photography business doing lifestyle family, nature and landscape photography. I did this for two years and also wrote a blog for the Woodlands Trust and through photography showcased the beauty of some of Essex’ best woodlands.

I also loved getting involved in community events and raised money for the UK Breast Cancer Foundation.

After we had our children both my husband and I wanted a better life for our children and our family. Somewhere with wide open spaces and fresh air.

In October 2010 we moved from the UK to New Zealand to start a new life. We literally packed up our whole life, house and all and moved over in 3 months with nowhere to live. I remember seeing around 5 rental houses a day but eventually ended up living in Albany on the North Shore.

I started working for a broker in Auckland city shortly after we arrived. It took me a good 3 months to get my brain focused on how things worked in the “real” world again. It was hard to take off my Mummy hat and put on my professional hat.

On Valentines Day in 2012 I received a text from my Father in South Africa. My beautiful, healthy Mum had a hemorrhagic stroke whilst at the gym and was in a serious condition. I flew over to South Africa and the doctors told us to expect the worst. Mum recovered after months of surgery and being in hospital but has been unable to walk, talk or feed herself. She also suffers from stroke dementia. It was such a stressful time for everyone, my parents lost everything and we had to financially support them until recently. Dad still cares for Mum every day.

After I returned from South Africa I had so many emotions and I felt this incredibly need to give back. I organised an Pink Breakfast event for the Breast Cancer Foundation for over 50 women in May and it was amazing to hear all these incredible women’s stories.

After the event I was approached by a friend who loved everything I did and so Retro Divine Events was born. I continued raising money for the Breast Cancer Foundation and our next event  was for over 300 women. The purpose of my business and events were to give women more time for themselves. To allow them for those few hours they attend one of my events, to be pampered and looked after, to come together and share their stories. I loved every minute of it and thought that one day I would be able to do this full time. I was still working full time and running my business part time. It was a crazy time and I was still trying to be the best Mum and wife I could be. I used to work a full day, get home, cook dinner, put the children to bed, start working again and work until 2am pretty much every single day and ran events on the weekend. I couldn’t stop working as I was financially supporting my parents.

I continued to working for the same company for 5 years and during this time I was getting a nudge from the universe – first it came as whispers in my ear, I knew I was not on the right path but I kept going hoping that the job I was doing was somehow making a difference. Then the feeling became stronger and stronger, it was like having ants in my pants, I could not sit still, I had to do something to make a difference but still I had hope, was confused, was unsure of what I was supposed to do, kept asking, please send me a sign.

For 5 years I felt this way and then came the force, it felt like a steady thumping in my head. The universe was literally shouting out to me that I could not continue in the same job, I had to get out, it was poisonous and I was dying inside. On the 22nd of February 2016 the universe sent its message loud and clear. I was in a huge bus accident in Melbourne.  The bus hit the Montague Bridge at over 60km an hour and peeled the top of the bus like a sardine can, I was seriously injured but survived!

After that, I was questioning the universe, I was angry …. confused as to why this happened to me ….. and the voice came again. “Why do you doubt me!  Your work here is not yet done, you have so much more to give”.

I remember sitting in that bus just after the accident happened, stretching out my hand and touching the wreckage around me, it was like I was in a bubble. It was like someone or something had closed me in its wings at that exact moment of the accident.

Up to that moment I was just existing, I did not truly live until that moment.  Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back from who you truly are. You can make a difference to your life and other people’s lives – do not fear the change which will come. Just think of the rewards when you get to the other side.

I returned to work in May 2017 but my life had changed so much after the accident and decided to resign from my permanent job to take up a part time job working as a Project and Marketing Manager for a well known online marketing strategy company based in Silverdale.

In June 2016 I met  a wonderful healer and she told me I was a Reiki Master. I must  have had a blank look on my face and no idea what she was talking about but felt deep within that she was right.

I completed a Reiki course through James Rowley and Deb Rowley, well known Reiki teachers and healers in Auckland.

And so my journey with Reiki continues ….

I believe that each and every one of us can make a difference …. if you bring everything to the table, your unique set of gifts, your sense of humour, your personality, your passion and love you can change the world.

Whatever your dreams or obstacles are in life, it is never too late to make a change. The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you are meant to be. To feel loved, to be valued, to be free of anything which might be holding you back from being that person.

My true purpose is to help you discover the magic in you, to peel back the layers and reveal the real you, to guide you through and help you break through your fears, heal past hurts, to help remove that which is holding you back so you can rise like a phoenix and step into your true purpose. There is nothing more empowering than to discover yourself and push through obstacles. It brings a sense of freedom and joy.

I feel totally blessed to have helped so many Mums, Dads, Children, Professional People around the world to step into their light.

It makes me so happy to see someone’s face light up as they realise they are free from pain and past hurts because what the universe has intended for them goes far beyond anything we can imagine.

I know that it is all too easy to put things off and hope for a better tomorrow, to use all the excuses you can think of, to think that one day you’ll wake up and somehow your life would have sorted itself out without you having to take responsibility for it.

My biggest learning so far is that ‘I am responsible for my own life, only I can change it’ and although that can be scary, the changes resulting from knowing, accepting and growing with this are so rewarding.

So I keep learning, keep meeting wonderful people who want to make a change in their life, and continue to help people feel better

What I do:

Natali is a Reiki Practitioner, Transformation Coach and Mentor who works with individuals and businesses who are passionate about improving and changing their lives and work environment, helping individuals to eliminate energy blocks, to live in alignment with their true self so they can manifest the life of their dreams.

She believes that when you bring positive words, positive thinking and positive actions into your life, work and business this will have a profound impact on who you are, what you want to do and why you want to do it.

Natali’s intuitive style of healing and coaching has brought amazing shifts and transformations for her clients which include Mums, Dads, Children and Professionals from all over the world.

Natali has often been described as having “magic hands”. With her friendly, no-nonsense approach she makes her clients feel at ease from the minute they meet her. She helps shift people into alignment and inspires her clients to live a life of freedom and to discover their true self.

She has helped shift people’s energy blocks so they can grow and reveal who they are meant to be. With love and guidance she steers them onto their true path, to embrace their powerful self and to step into their true purpose.

She inspires and motivates start-ups, professionals and businesses to bring mindfulness into their work environment leading to greater success for businesses and personal mastery for employees.

Natali worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, owned her own photography business in the UK and founded an events management company in New Zealand prior to most recently working as a Marketing & Projects Manager for a successful online marketing and business strategy company.

She knows first hand the importance of how having employees who feel happy, secure and valued can directly influence and make a difference to a company’s culture and performance.

If you or your family would like to chat with Natali about how she can help or book a reiki session on Skype or in-person (Auckland) or you just want to chat to Natali to see how she can help.  Mention ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ or ‘Go to Girl’ when you contact her here.

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Raised in Toronto Canada, Nat received the 'enthusiasm award' in Grade 7 and not much has changed. She has always loved bringing people together and challenging them to be more than they thought possible. Her background includes Personal Development, Corporate Team Building and Environmental Education. She now lives in Auckland New Zealand with her husband Matt (Nat & Matt) and their 3 children Ruby, Jonah and Xavier. Nat's excited to be blogging again (previously blogged for 'Eco Centric') and sharing parenting and relationship stories with others around the world.