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Get It Done Mum! Love Your Small Business Mum Entrepreneurs

I had such a fun and inspirational Skype interview with Jo Foster and Janine Ogg from Love Your Small Business! These two ladies exude passion for helping busy mums become more successful and balanced Mum Entrepreneurs or ‘Mumpreneurs’.

I asked Jo and Janine what tip or  ‘If Only They’d Told Me’ they had to offer us and what has been like working as a partnership?  Click the player to hear their responses and to listen to our Podcast interview where we talk about their awesome Get It Done Mum Workshop and their Get It Done Mum Coaching Club.

They are friends from way-back and (like Jacqui and I) are ‘opposites’ in many ways, so very complimentary in their skills. For those reading who are Mumpreneurs,  Do you work alone or with a partner or team?  And what has your biggest challenge been?  Finding time to ‘keep the YOU in mum’, meeting targets, accountability?

Thanks to the power of the internet, Mum Entrepreneurs from around the world can be involved and benefit from what Jo and Janine have to offer!  They coach hundreds of women on how to have a thriving lifestyle business.

“It is our mission to empower women entrepreneurs everywhere to unleash purpose, creativity and wealth into their lives and businesses“. 

They’ve also got a fab motto for their Biz School course: “Work Less, Earn More, Make a Difference“.  That is definitely reflective of my own personal mission!


The Get It Done Mum Coaching Club combines advances in technology with hitting big targets, freeing up time and energy for life and curbing the chaos of motherhood by guiding mum entrepreneurs to prioritise and re-focus. In fact, in their course they have a session called ‘Overcome the Overwhelm’ that is aimed at ‘hitting the pause button’ – Love it!  Click on this video clip to meet Jo and Janine.

Jacqui and I have a ‘Mums in Business’ group and a huge incentive for most of our mums to come along to our catch-ups is the camaraderie and the accountability. Jo and Janine tap into that too in their course.  They offer varying levels of support ranging from one on one support , membership to the online community…

We met heaps of cool Mums striving to achieve the balance of motherhood and business owner at the Auckland Mama Markets. We all know how tricky it is to balance our ‘Precious Time’. Here’s our video clip showcasing some of the mums and their fabulous products. Any of you ladies keen to sign up for the Get It Done Mum Workshop or Club? By clicking our links here, you can learn more and also support If Only They’d Told Me.

So if you’re a mum pondering starting a business or already in business but seeking some advice, tips, tools, accountability, inspiration, mentoring and motivation… Sign up for the Get it Done Mum Coaching Club.

*If you register using our link we get a small commission which we can put back into the blog!


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