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Get fit feel fabulous – top tips for being a happy healthy mum

In our ‘how to be a happy healthy mum’ series, we’re chatting with mums who have an area of expertise to share with you.  Be sure to watch the video as in this one, I’m chatting with author, speaker and mother of 3 and Wellbeing Specialist, Lauren Parsons.

Here’s what she has to say… There are so many things I could share with you – amazing mother that you are – but Nat’s asked me for just a few words on my top 5 tips, so here goes….


  1. Prioritise some ‘you-time’ every day

    (or as often as possible.) Schedule in the things that fill your tank so that you can be the most calm, loving and contented version of yourself.  You totally deserve it AND your family will LOVE you for it!

  2. Have an evening routine (for yourself) and a set bedtime and stick with it.

    A good night’s sleep is absolutely vital as a mum. Everything is so much more challenging when we’re tired and it affects everything we do and those around us. So prioritise your sleep. Set an evening alarm on your phone if you need one reminding you to wind down before bedtime and if sleep is an issue for you, check out this short video where I share my sleep essentials tips.

  1. Don’t diet, simply focus on getting more ‘good stuff’ in.

    One practical tip for mums is to make yourself the sorts of nutritious snacks you’re most likely making for your little ones. (Isn’t it ironic that we often feed the kids fruit and veggie sticks while we mums sit and eat cake?) Cake is ok sometimes too by the way – just eat it mindfully and try making your own nutritious versions like this Banoffee Pie. Pack your own lunch when you’re making the kids ones (and do it the night before so it’s easy and stress free.)

  2. Have a salad entrée before your main meal.

    It makes SUCH a difference to how your entire meal will go. Not only do you encourage your little ones to eat more veggies (when they’re most hungry and most likely to give them a go) but you’re getting the most nutritious, fibre filled food in first, slowing down your meal so you can recognise when you’re full.  You’ll naturally regulate the portion sizes of your main meal much more easily and will feel much more satisfied overall. Make a delicious vinaigrette in a jar and have your salad items ready in your own ‘salad bar’ at home so you can throw together sensational salads in seconds. Or check out my book real food less fuss which shows you my sensational salad blueprint, plus explains how to have several nights off cooking using my unique meal planning system.

  3. Snack on exercise in short sharp bursts that are easy to fit into your day.

    Could you fit in 4 short 1 minute bursts a day (about the same time to spend brushing your teeth, which you find time for even when you’re busy right?) Do push ups on the kitchen counter while the kettle is boiling, jog up every set of stairs you see, cuddle your baby and do squat lifts with them. If you have a baby, check out this complete mum and baby home workout. Babies and toddlers make the perfect weight training partner as they grow you get stronger! Make it fun, get your kids involved, get competitive if they enjoy that. Think of the awesome example you’re setting for them to set them up for life with an active attitude! If you’re interested to find out how to snack on exercise, check out my nine tips on how to start.


Most of all remember that you are AMAZING, you are PRECIOUS and you are ENOUGH.

Enjoy these precious years and always remember to take care of YOU.

With love,


To find out more about Lauren’s awesome work and her Get Fit Feel Fabulous online program click here. 


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