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Get This Baby Outta Me

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant women at the moment.  At work, at school, clients, friends and colleagues. And, as I watch them rub their ever-expanding bellies and hold their backs in pain, it definitely brings it all back…that last trimester of the pregnancy.

By the end of any pregnancy, almost all pregnant women will declare that they have finally had enough. “Get this baby outta me!” I have known many a woman to cry. I have to admit that I wasn’t much different. Those last few weeks of child No. 1 saw me develop a heavy cold, and, due to the general frowning upon pregnant women taking any medication, I had to contend with rubbing Vicks Vapour rub all over my neck, throat and chest and around my nose – causing my eyes to water and sting. For someone who was determined to work right up to the day I went into labour, I really did start to wane.

I asked a couple of pregnant ladies to share with me what the best and worse things are about being this pregnant. For the ‘worse’ things, overwhelmingly the main complaint seemed to be the tiredness. Needing a nap in the afternoon. The lower back ache. The sudden transition from walking normally to waddling like a duck (when exactly does that creep up on us?!) For me, personally it was the cramps in the legs, the heart-burn and the not being able to sleep through the night.

When asked what the ‘best’ thing was, my colleague Jenny who has just hit the 30 week status, totally hit the nail on the head:

“The best thing is that I’m pregnant,” she said. She’s right – what an amazing observation. How lucky to even be pregnant in the first place. There are many a woman out there who would easily swop places with her and all the other pregnant women out there.

Likewise, when a friend of mine’s husband told her, ‘You are really lucky to carry a baby and give birth.’ A few things drifted through her mind:

How my body seemed to have been changed for an older model…When I feel I need a crane to turn me over in bed…When I can’t see whether my bikini line needs care and attention…When my husband sends me a photo of a beautiful snowy slope in France with ’Valentine’s wishes…Then there is a little kick, a reminder that I am lucky to have a little person growing inside me, it’s simply one of God’s miracles. And there is at least one physical plus, I get a jaw-dropping cleavage for a while!”

So, to all the pregnant ladies out there, whilst you clutch your backs and your swollen bellies and yawn the way through your last weeks at work after another sleepless night, keep reminding yourselves how lucky you and any of us who have already been there are to have suffered those pregnancy ailments. There is many a woman who would trade her right arm to be in our places.



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Jacqui Lockington is a working mum. Jacqui works full-time for an advertising agency in New Zealand and juggles life at work with being mum to two young children, Jack and Sasha. Jacqui is married to John and has published her first book with co-author, Nat - If Only They'd Told Me. She does public speaking and regularly blogs and records podcasts. Jacqui trained in journalism in London and worked in radio, newspapers, public relations and advertising before moving to New Zealand where she currently lives with her family. You can contact Jacqui at