All the things you wish you'd been told...

Pregnancy, Parenting & Relationships

We're not the experts. We're the best friends, you never knew you had!

Nat and Jacqui

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What People Are Saying:

  • avatar Maria Regina Ward Business Owner (Nostalgems Jewellery) and Mother of Two, Auckland

    The ideal post-partum recovery gift. 

    A great gift idea to throw in a gift basket for the new mother! I like the fact that the two authors have totally different personalities and that they do the hard work of interviewing the experts for us and collecting all the tips and tricks of parenting!

  • avatar Judith Clarke Mother of two, Christchurch

    If Only I'd Known!

    Really rate this book and will be suggesting it to friends... It's written in a non judgemental way and had me giggling at others realities. Yay I'm not weird after all!

  • Sarah P Mother of Two, Auckland

    Hilarious and a great read.

    The title really says it all - this book talks about all of the things that you really should know when you have babies & small children. It's written in a way that made me laugh out loud (many times!) and also offers lots of fantastic advice that really works. I've read a lot of parenting books and this one is gold.

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So What’s The Book About?

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

4 Things you'll get from this book...

  1. The 'real deal' on parenting from Nat (hectic but happy at home mother-of-three) and Jacqui (neat-freak, working mother-of-two). 
  2. Tips and Insights from parenting experts including Nigel Latta, Dorothy Waide and Diane Levy.
  3. Helpful and hilarious stories and advice from parents around the world. 
  4. The realisation that you're not alone! Everyone finds it harder (and more amazing) than they ever imagined. We give you tips and stories to help you enjoy the journey!

About The Authors

Nat is a Canadian/New Zealander who initially lived in Christchurch but on 22 February 2011, during the second earthquake, she went into labour with her third child. The same day her husband found out he had lost his job and they were later told that their house was in the ‘red zone’, so they decided to move to Auckland where Nat met Jacqui.

Nat is organised chaos. Her house looks ‘lived in’. She’s a bargain hunter and hosts clothing swaps, wears flat and functional shoes during pregnancy and uses eco-conscious cloth nappies.

Jacqui is British and married to a Kiwi. She is a complete neat freak, who can’t leave the house without the dishes being done, has an addiction to high-street stores, was pregnant in heels and is disposable nappies all the way.

Their completely different lives have one very common bond; parenting rocked their world and turned their lives upside down.

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