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Supporting Parents of Premature Babies

I met Janelle Baine (electronically) through my business Go to Girl Social Media & Networking.  She’s a mum like me, juggling two businesses/organisations while raising a family.   She’s also a mum with a lot of passion and a desire to help others.  So I wanted to help her spread the word about Early Buds and find out more about what it does and why she does it.  Here’s what she had to say to my questions:

1) What is Early buds?


Handmade Knits for the Prem Packs.

Early Buds is a non-for profit organisation and a ministry of Rotorua Elim Church. We support kiwi parents of premature babies currently in care, by providing them with a free prem packs filled with products, samples, vouchers and useful information for their time in care.

2) How did you get involved/get it started and why?

In August 2009, I had my son Lucas at 28 weeks of gestation. Whilst I was in care, in a totally different city and in an unknown place, without much information of knowledge on what I was going through, I was feeling alone, isolated and afraid.  I wanted to create a way in which I could support other parents who would find themselves in the same situation, assure them they were not alone and that there are others out there who understood what they are going through.  I wanted to provide them with information and connections to other parents so the journey was less scary, as well as some comforts and special treats to brighten their day.

3) How many children do you have and how do you fit it all in?

I have two children, Lucas who is 4 and Sophia who is 18months. Its a real juggling act as any busy mother would know and understand, I was lucky enough that I could leave my day job after Sophia was born and work from home, which means that I can schedule my work load around their needs. I see Early Buds as more of a hobby as I love to do it, I love organising and liaising with our sponsors and Ambassadors and making Early Buds grow, its my passion, and anyone with a real passion will understand that you just find the time to fit it all in.

4) You also run another business ‘Inkee Press’. What does Inkee Press do?

Yes, Inkee Press is a graphic design business, I have worked in the Industry for over 9 years and its also my other passion, I love to design and I am so grateful that it is something I can fit around Early Buds and the Children.  I have been creating brand styling and providing graphic design services for many kiwi mums who also work from home.  I love that I get to work along side an awesome bunch of other like-minded women, creating designs that I am passionate about, and having an active part in building their business dreams and turning them into a reality.


5) What’s one thing you wish you’d been told about parenthood?

That I don’t have to be a super mum 24/7, and not to beat myself up when we have had a particularly hard or testing day. Thats its OK not to be OK some days. I think our society puts a lot of pressure on mums, we feel bad if we sit on the couch with our kids for too long because there is so much more we could be doing. I still find it hard to just sit and be with my children because of the expectations I have on myself. I think we need to be a little easier on ourselves, and take in all the precious memories and moments we get with our children day-to-day while they are still little, we can’t get those back and I for one don’t want to have any regrets because I was “too busy”.

Thanks so much to Janelle, for giving us a bit of a window into Early Buds as well as reminding us how important it is to give to your work while also fitting in time and space for your kids and yourself.   In fact, check out the great Q&A blog that I did with Katrina Ward from Outie wrote about just that, it’s called  ‘Handling the Jandal’.

For more info about Early Buds, click these links:

Early Buds Website

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