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Best Family Holiday Places in New Zealand

Nat and I recently took part in an article about the Best Family  Holiday Places in New Zealand. The article was put together by HotelClub. We are going to share aspects of the article with you over the coming weeks. Other bloggers also contributed to the article. This week we are writing about Best Family Holiday Destinations in New Zealand. You can check out the full article on the link at the bottom.

Rotorua and Lake Taupo are great places to visit as a family as there is so much to see and do there – no matter what the weather. Rotorua. It’s got a huge number of family friendly attractions as well as lots of free features such as parks and the lake. It’s compact in size and easy to get around. It also has some attractions that showcase Maori culture.

Rotorua – surrounded by beautiful lakes and redwood forests, Rotorua is a great family holiday destination. There are numerous outdoor activities available, which get you amongst New Zealand´s lush nature – many of which, are super cost-effective. Then for´treat´days Rotorua offers a number of thrill attractions, like the luge, agrodome and more.

2  A favourite spot is Pauanui, Coromandel Peninsula  on the North Island. It is so beautiful and relaxing. It is a lovely place with a beach and estuary. Good walks, fishing spots and easy for kids to bike around everywhere!

Hahei Beach, Coromandel Peninsula.  A safe beach to swim and explore, it’s also close to Cathedral Cove (stunning rock arches) and Hot Water Beach (where you can dig your own hot spa at low tide, courtesy of mother nature).

3  Mount Maunganui, Tauranga.  Nat’s sister lives there so it’s a lovely combo of feeling relaxed and beachy while also catching up with the family! Mt Maunganui is the ultimate family destination. It is the a perfect mix of beach activities and walks. It is fully equipped with restaurants, amenities and shopping, a cinema and its proximity to Tauranga is an added bonus.

Tekapo, in winter. Because summer holidays are easy, but winter is when a holiday is actually needed and most anticipated and appreciated. Natural beauty, that lake, the mountains, the church of the good shepherd, sledging, skiing and snowboarding, fishing, stargazing tours (it is an international dark skies reserve which means you can see more stars there than almost anywhere on the planet) and the Peppers Bluewater Resort, modern and very hospitable.

5   Hanmer Springs It’s a really easy place to go with kids. You can find affordable holiday homes, the hot pools are awesome, there are great places to trek and nice cafes.

6 Central Otago. With stunning mountain vistas, lakes to boat on and swim in, amazing weather, fresh stone fruit and wine straight from the vineyard what’s not to love. It’s also a pretty special place in the winter.

Nelson, sunny, warm settled weather, beaches and lots of wonderful outdoor stuff to do.

8  West Coast beaches like Raglan with their black sand, double scoop ice cream cones and straight off the wharf fish and chips are the best. The area is naturally very beautiful and lots the walks are accessible and easy with young children.


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