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We would like to say thank you to Jacqui’s good friend, who doesn’t wish to be named, who came up with the thought behind If Only They Told Me. An inspiring ideas man. Big thanks to Nat’s friends in NZ and Canada for helping to pilot the survey and all the people in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & NZ who contributed to our research.

Also a big thank you to both our┬áhusbands who have supported us in this project, already 3 years in the making. Jacqui’s husband John has patiently looked after the children whilst she did her bits & pieces on the book and blog. To Nat’s husband, Matt who has been marvelous, actually building this blog for us and patiently teaching us how to work and manage it. Thank you also to our wonderful children: Jack, Ruby, Sasha, Jonah and Xavier. You are the reason we wrote it. For you and all those parents and soon-to-be parents out there!

Love Jacqui and Nat