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About Us – Jacqui and Nat


The ‘Trinny and Susannah’ of the Parenting World.

The difference is, these two mums are here to talk to you about Parenting and Relationships. The real deal.

Jacqui and Nat blogging on Parenting and Relationships

Jacqui and Nat blogging on Parenting and Relationships

These women won’t mince their words. Having a baby is amazing but hard. Having babies and continuing to manage a strong relationship with your partner is really tough.

Jacqui and Nat are two mums living in New Zealand with their families.  They tell it like it is in their blog, podcast and recently launched book!  They share their helpful and hilarious stories as well as tips and experiences from experts and parents around the world! 

Jacqueline Lockington

Jacqui LockingtonJacqui is British, loves tea and is a self-confessed neat freak. She is mum to Jack, 7 yrs and Sasha 5 yrs and married to a very patient Kiwi, John. She now works full time and has lived in New Zealand for 9 years and it is now home, although she has never forgotten her British roots and misses her Yorkshire Tea, Walkers Crisps and Marks and Spencers.

Natalie Cutler-Welsh

NatalieNow meet Nat. is a ‘hectic but happy’ work-from-home Mother of Three.  She can often be seen pushing a stroller while lugging school bags and wearing her functional flats.

Nat is ‘the Go to Girl’ and recently started a business under that name connecting women in business called:  Go to Girl Social Media & Networking. She’s all go and is candid and open about helping others to realise it’s OK to find parenthood more challenging (and more amazing) than you ever thought possible.

Nat is a Canadian/New Zealander married to Matt, an Australian/Englishman.  They have lived in New Zealand for 15 years and are now in Auckland with their children Ruby 7, Jonah 5 and Xavier 3.

Together Jacqui and Nat are the Trinny and Susannah of the Mummy World. They are upfront, honest and REAL. They will give you the real deal on motherhood – no fluff.

Different Perspectives

You can’t get two people more different than these mums. Whilst Jacqui is Neat Freak, Nat is Organised Chaos. While Jacqui is Pregnant in Heels, Nat is flats and functional. While Jacqui can’t leave the house without making every bed, doing the breakfast dishes and drawing the curtains, Nat’s more hectic approach means the house looks well ‘lived in’ but the kids are happy and healthy. While Jacqui has an addiction to Witchery and other high-street stores, Nat enjoys seeking out a bargain at 2nd hand stores and hosting ‘clothing swaps’ with her friends. Jacqui is disposable nappies all the way, Nat is eco-conscious cloth. You get the picture…

Jacqui and Nat Spill the Beans

Cup of tea

But no matter their differences, each of them was totally rocked by parenthood. It turned their lives upside down. Here they share their real stories. The comic moments, the tears and some tips. Not just about pregnancy and children but about relationships too and the effect that having a child has on your relationships with friends, your own parents and especially your marriage/partnership.

Jacqui and Nat will spill the beans on every unsaid thought we mums and dads have. If you want the real story – no fluff – then you’ve come to the right place. Hold onto your belly for laughs, tears and much much more.

So, if you want to hear all about babies and sex, sit back and pour yourself a cup of British…

They’re not the Experts, They’re the Best Friends you never knew you had!