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A Note from Nat


At home mum

I am a MOTh (Mother of Three). A former Outdoor instructor and Projects Manager and now an at home mum, Blogger and Author.

Looking back, our If Only They’d Told Me Blog was conceived out of a culmination of experiences. I often joke that I was a “talk show host” in my previous life! I’ve always loved bringing people together through common interests and asking ‘tricky questions’ to challenge perceptions and get to the heart of an issue. This combined with the surprise marital breakup of good friends of ours around the time of our second baby made me realise just how tough having a baby can be on the marriage/relationship.

Parents in the baby years are so busy being busy that it’s easy for the marriage relationship to slip onto standby. I, like many am striving for a ‘Thriving’ not just ‘Surviving’ relationship. So you’ll see many of ‘relationship’ blogs as well as a huge range of topics that come with raising kids. We look forward to your comments and insights and to sharing this journey with you!