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A Note From Jacqui


Jacqui is a full-time working mum, working in advertising by day and blogging/ writing by night. In between she juggles being a mother, wife and friend.

Here she shares her story: “When I was pregnant, I would look at other mums and think, I’m not going to do it that way. I was under the illusion that having a child would be easy. The baby would sleep all the time and life would pretty much carry on as normal. The baby would fit around ME and my life – not the other way around.

When Jack arrived, he burst my bubble. Smashed it to smithereens. I was unprepared for the reality of motherhood and for caring for a little baby who was totally reliant on me. I wished that someone had sat me down before-hand and told me all the things I needed to know.

And that is exactly why I am sharing my story with you today.

Motherhood is a huge learning curve with many stumbles along the way. I hope that ‘If only they told me’ will help.”


Love Jacqui