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Birth Hypnosis, Gentle & Relaxed Childbirth

I feel very fortunate to have had three smooth labours, but I know that there are many people out there who haven’t had things go so well.  So I was very keen to chat with Rebecca Armstrong from Shine Hypnosis who coaches women about how to relax their mind and body through birth hypnosis.  Have a listen to Episode #109 by clicking the player above.  I chat in person with Rebecca who has helped countless women to turn their fear and anxiety into a focussed positive experience.

Here is a bit of Q&A with Rebecca about Birth Hypnosis and how it can help you to have a gentle and relaxed childbirth.

Q.  So what is Hypnosis all about?

Hypnosis is about pain management and healing as well as working through phobias.

In saying that, 60% of my clients are for birth hypnosis.  Birth hypnosis is about understanding the powerful impact that the mind can have on the body.  I coach women to use comfort control techniques to have the best possible birthing experience.


Q.  What if people are scared about Labour and how do you change that for them?

Primarily they are afraid of pain.  Some have concerns about lifestyle, the role of motherhood etc but childbirth pain is something we seem to be conditioned to fear.  Our subconscious mind has that belief so for some women even if they have a relaxed pregnancy, they can get anxious in the lead up to and during.

I work at a subconscious level and I teach clients how to go into a state of hypnosis (slowing down of brainwaves).  Instead of feeling pain they feel ‘sensations’.  I work with women and help them enhance what nature has given us by using comfort control techniques.

I had a particular client who ended up with a breech baby and here’s what she had to say:

“During the delivery, my baby was found to be breech and I ended up delivering her with no pain relief. The mental preparation I had done prior with Rebecca and the breathing control from the text book she provided enabled me to do this. Thank you Rebecca.” Louise Hunter


Q.  How can people Benefit from Hypnosis?

childbirthMany people come to see me after their first birth didn’t go the way they wanted and they want to have a positive experience the second time round.  One of my clients had severe post traumatic stress from two previous births. When we first started working together, she couldn’t even mention the word birth.  Birth hypnosis changed that for her.
I’m a big believer in whatever is best for you and your baby.  You can also use birth hypnosis to prepare for a Caesar to assist with speed healing and recovery.

Q.  Do you work with men too?

Some men have fear of needles or fear of hospitals so I can work with them in the lead up to the birth.
Hypnosis can be used to help anyone who’s had a traumatic experience.  Hypnosis is quick to change the cognitive structure in the brain to take the emotional intensity out of that experience so that they can enjoy it.

Q.  Can you help people with fertility issues?

Yes, often it’s by working alongside them when they are doing the IVF process.  Being hypnotically relaxed at the time of implementation can have a dramatic effect on the success.

Fertility can be increased by dealing with and reducing stress during conception.  Conflict in our conscious and subconscious mind can block fertility so I work with women to unblock that.


 What our IOTTM Facebook fans had to say

“I used Hypno-birthing for both of my children and can’t recommend it highly enough. It halved the average labour time and allowed me to give birth both times natural and relatively pain free. My experience of labour was not painful rather what I describe as uncomfortable and tiring”.  Michelle Ramage

“Hypno-birthing is amazing!! I felt very anxious when I was pregnant with my second child, the fear of giving birth again was very overwhelming! I discovered Hypno- birthing and talked my husband into doing the course, it was the best thing I could have done. I’ve had two hypno- births and can’t recommend it enough, I still use some of the techniques if I ever feel stressed”.  Hayley Wetere

**Just to clarify, birth-hypnosis is one-to-one coaching (rather than group coaching or listening to a CD) but the end goal is the same, a gentle and relaxed childbirth!

To find out more about Rebecca and how her Birth Hypnosis can help you visit the Shine Hypnosis website

or Shine Hypnosis Facebook page.  You can also read wonderful testimonials from Rebecca’s clients.

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